Film Highlights – After the Jump: Brazil Beyond the Headlines

July 29, 2014

We are excited to share the film from the After the Jump: Brazil Beyond the Headlines, the expert salon celebrating the launch of Flamingo São Paulo. Our esteemed panel featuring...

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 2.51.14 PM

Is Fast Food Here To Stay?

July 28, 2014

In his diatribe against overeating junk food, Louis C.K. famously takes on Cinnabon during a stand up special: “No one likes getting a Cinnabon, it’s always dudes like me or...


Flamingo at Contagious Perspectives on Privacy Breakfast: July 25

July 23, 2014

On Friday, July 25, join Flamingo at “Digital Data Privacy and What It Means for Your Brand”, a morning seminar hosted by Contagious. Tickets are $50 and you can buy tickets here. Dee...

Alphabet Beauty

Once upon a time, women had to apply a slew of skincare products formulated to prevent wrinkles, fade blemishes, and provide moisture before they could even think of applying foundation....

Gale or Peeta

Demystifying Cuteness

July 17, 2014

A few months back The Onion released a video in which faux movie critic Peter K. Rosenthal reviews The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Rosenthal comments that Peeta is “one of...

JGH Book 2

Can you draw my building?

July 16, 2014

Storytelling has long been a visual art. From prehistoric paintings in the Chauvet Cave to that latest Hollywood blockbuster, humans have turned to visual mediums to craft narratives. Visual forms...


Cannibals at the Met

July 10, 2014

In the world of marketing, the failure to understand and appreciate cultural differences can result in diminished sales and profitability. But in the real world, cultural misunderstandings can lead to...


The Real Minorities of Reality TV

July 9, 2014

Last month, Netflix launched its second season of Orange Is the New Black, the hit series based on Piper Kerman’s acclaimed memoir. There are many exceptional things about the show–its...


Death of the Plan

In 1959, when Italian journalist Italo Calvino traveled to the USA on scholarship with other writers, he observed that: “New York has swallowed me up like carnivorous plant swallowing a...

America Dee

A ‘Bird’s-Eye’ View of America: Flamingo Celebrates July 4th

July 8, 2014

What do you think of when you think of America? Maybe it’s extravagant celebrity birthday parties, or maybe it’s the freedom to spend $100 on a Philly cheesesteak. Either way,...

sao paulo panel

Expert Salon Recap – After the Jump: Brazil Beyond the Headlines

July 3, 2014

Click through the photo gallery above On July 2, Flamingo hosted an Expert Salon to celebrate the launch of our new São Paulo office entitled “After the Jump: Brazil Beyond the...

Brazil Is a Place, and Portuguese is a Language

July 2, 2014

With the World Cup in full swing and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics impending, it seems the world has fallen for Brazil. But during this World Cup, the way...


Thanks, Kidchella.

June 27, 2014

Last Saturday, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West rang in baby North’s first birthday with a larger-than-life party deemed Kidchella. The festival featured a Ferris wheel, multiple music stages, lip-synching...


Flamingo NY presents an Expert Salon: After the Jump: Brazil Beyond the Headlines

June 25, 2014

To celebrate the launch of Flamingo’s newest office in São Paulo, Flamingo New York is hosting an expert salon called After the Jump: Brazil Beyond the Headlines. What are the...

Cure Supper

Distilling the Unexpected into the Satisfying

June 24, 2014

When Chef Diego Moya and Sommelier Miguel De Leon launched the Cure Supper Club it was initially about impressing investors. Now, after two years of growth, the Supper Club has become...

A Story in a Single Image

June 20, 2014

Off Set, owned by mainstream stock photo company Shutterstock, has emerged to offer a source for curated high-end imagery (photos and illustrations) for purchase online. We spotted some of their...

Storehouse Cover

Platform Review: Storehouse Visual Storytelling

June 18, 2014

As part of our exploration into storytelling at Flamingo, we’re exploring new digital platforms for crafting and sharing narratives. Our first platform under review is Storehouse: a visual storytelling platform...

Stromae 2

Is Music Globalized? The Case of Stromae

June 17, 2014

At the extravagant Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech, inside a hand-carved silver casing lies the spiritual home of the latest release by the nine-person rapping collective, Wu-Tang Clan, The Wu...

$100 Cheeseteak

The $100 Cheesesteak

June 16, 2014

Upon its grand opening, the Philadelphia steakhouse Barclay Prime introduced a particularly high-profile menu item: the $100 cheesesteak. Philadelphia has long been famous for its simple sandwiches of chopped steak...


Scared Yet? Television’s Horror Boom

June 12, 2014

A little over two years ago, FX debuted Ryan Murphy’s hit series American Horror Story, a program initially presented as a tribute to cinema’s horror genre. The show’s intertextual references...


The Weird, The Exotic, and The Luxurious: Civet Coffee

June 9, 2014

The most die-hard caffeine connoisseurs know that the best coffee doesn’t come from a tiny espresso joint in Brooklyn or Seattle. It comes out of an animal’s butt. A small...

Marathon Blog Post2

What’s behind the myth of the marathon?

June 6, 2014

A few weeks ago I went to the Brooklyn half-marathon to cheer on some runners from Flamingo, and it made me wonder: why is the marathon (and the half marathon)...

Contagious Privacy

Millennials care more about privacy than any other generation

It is a common misconception that ‘young people don’t care about privacy’, but it’s becoming clear that quite the opposite is true. In March 2014, we conducted bespoke research with...


The future of retail: Can robots really bring about richer relationships?

June 2, 2014

A few weeks ago Dee and I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Nadia Shouraboura speak at the Contagious Magazine’s NOW / NEXT / WHY event in NYC. Being Amazon’s...

privacy research

Contagious NOW / NEXT / WHY New York

May 9, 2014

Flamingo was very excited to attend Contagious Magazine’s NOW / NEXT / WHY event at the New York Academy of Sciences in New York yesterday. We got to see our...


Flamingo São Paulo, opening September 2014

May 8, 2014

We are absolutely delighted to announce the opening of our seventh office in São Paulo this September. The new office will act as a hub for research throughout Brazil and...

Material ConneXion 5

Concrete Cloth and Ostrich Leather: Venturing into Material ConneXion

April 14, 2014

Where would you go to find translucent concrete, biodegradable Styrofoam, recycled skateboards, and an aerogel glass that’s the lightest material in the world? Stumped? We didn’t either until we visited...

Storytelling Workshop

Bringing Storytelling Into The Boardroom: Why It’s Important

“Stories are a communal currency of humanity.” –Tahir Shah We share stories all the time: over a drink with friends, at dinner parties with newly met acquaintances, or catching up...

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The Africa Files: A Flamingo Look at Africa On The Move

March 13, 2014

The Africa Files Trailer from Flamingo on Vimeo. Africa is on the move. It is experiencing rapid urbanisation with 400 million Africans living in cities, a figure set to double by...

Trendology Cover Photo

Stories with Style: Trendology at FIT

January 29, 2014

If you visit the Trendology exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology, you will find yourself walking through 250 years of fashion history. Your journey starts with a faded yellow waistcoat...


Game Changers: Beyoncé

January 2, 2014

Bow Down For many of her fans, it’s difficult to talk about Beyoncé without resorting to hyperbole. In 2009, Kanye West famously ruined Taylor Swift’s day to let the world...

The Hive Mind front cover

Flamingo Cultural Intelligence presents The Hive Mind Magazine

December 3, 2013

This autumn we are excited to launch our Hive Mind Magazine from the Cultural Intelligence team at Flamingo. This magazine is aimed to help showcase our Hive Mind global community of experts, who...


Millennials + The New Mainstream Profile: Kantara

December 2, 2013

Flamingo New York recently hosted an expert salon on Millennials and the New Mainstream as part of our Game Changers report with Wolff Olins, featuring panelists Spencer Baim, Chief Strategic Officer,...


Film now available: Our expert salon on Millennials + The New Mainstream

November 27, 2013

We are excited to share the film with you from our expert salon on Millennials and The New Mainstream. We had a fantastic panel of experts who joined us to...


Voices from The New Mainstream Consumer, by Kiosk

November 22, 2013

Flamingo + Wolff Olins conducted expert interviews to gather and release a report on Gamechangers, how three behaviours are shifting the relationship between people and brands. Then they collaborated with Kiosk, a...


Millennials + The New Mainstream Profile: KISI

November 21, 2013

Flamingo New York recently hosted an expert salon on Millennials and the New Mainstream as part of our Game Changers report with Wolff Olins, featuring panelists Spencer Baim, Chief Strategic Officer,...


Taking Back Time: An Attitude Shift in China

November 18, 2013

A growing desire among consumers in China to slow down and enjoy the important things in life suggests that brand advertising may need to downshift as well. The second in...

david burrows

Sidestepping: It’s A Way Of Life

Sidestepping – finding a way around the rules, institutions or other obstacles – is a deeply embedded cultural habit in many emerging markets. Corporations would do well to support it...


Flamingo NYC presents an Expert Salon on Millennials & The New Mainstream

October 31, 2013

As part of our report on The New Mainstream, this Autumn Flamingo are hosting a series of global Expert Salons to explore three Game Changing consumer behaviors creating a new...


A Fresh Startpoint for Innovation: Leaving Behind the ‘Deep Dive’

October 27, 2013

We need a new metaphor. We need a new language. We need a new approach. How many innovation journeys commence with a ‘deep dive’? A deep dive into the brand...


Film: London Expert Salon on The New Mainstream

October 25, 2013

We are excited to share a film with you from our latest Flamingo London expert salon on The New Mainstream. We had fantastic panel of experts who inspired debate and...


Flamingo London Kicked Off the First in Its Series of Expert Salons on the The New Mainstream

As part of our new report on The New Mainstream, this Autumn Flamingo are hosting a series of Expert Salons in London, Mumbai and New York to explore the three...

chris francis

Flamingo Tokyo in Campaign Asia

A piece by Chris Francis, Managing Director of Flamingo Tokyo, appears today on the Campaign Asia website. Employing the ideas in Daniel Kahneman’s seminal work Thinking, Fast and Slow, the...

elon musk

Thinking Outside the Oil Drum: Why Elon Musk is the Cultural Icon America Has Been Looking For

October 16, 2013

To Elon Musk, the sky really is not the limit. Between privatizing space travel, establishing a successful electric car company, championing the development of a high-speed, subsonic air travel system,...

rosa mexicano

Cultural Sustainability: Mexican Food in LA

September 24, 2013

Will Southern California embrace the mass commercialization of Mexican culture in the same way New York has, or will a unique confluence of factors, including the proximity to Mexico, enable...


Flamingo X Wolff Olins present Game Changers: The New Mainstream Consumer

September 17, 2013

This year we partnered with global consultancy Wolff Olins to look at the consumer behaviours that are moving from the fringe to the mainstream – and therefore cannot be ignored...

Delicious Mezcal Experience | Delicious by Aldo Argaman- Delicious by Aldo Argaman

Mexican Fare in New York: What’s Cooking?

September 13, 2013

An agave farmer throws piña (heart of the agave) into a fire pit as the first step in the Mezcal distillation process Whether it was a late night Taco Bell...


Flamingo + Wolff Olins at Advertising Week

August 28, 2013

Join Flamingo + Wolff Olins for a first peek at our Game Changers report on September 23rd during Advertising Week in NYC. As we’re all finding out, consumers no longer simply consume. They’re active,...


Underground Not So Underground?

July 10, 2013

After 2 and 1/2 years of commuting in the sometimes muggy, always disgusting network of trains that make up the MTA subway system I can safely say it is rare...

Man of Steel Image

Man of Steel: A Super Argument for Sustainability?

Throughout the past several weeks, I’m certain you have seen the re-emergence of an iconic superhero into your everyday life. With the silver screen reboot of DC‘s Superman franchise has...

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